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We have 3 species of lovebirds: Peach-faced lovebirds (Agapornis roseicollis), Fischer's lovebirds (Agapornis fischeri) and Masked Lovebirds (Agapornis personatus). Breeding is a very small scaled, and it is mainly based on my needs. So I am not breeding them mainly for sale purposes, but rather the goal is to provide a standard species of birds, taking care of the gene pool, which is done very rarely here in Finland. Most people only have two lovebirds (bought from petshops), breeding them, without knowing their backgrounds, colours or even species right.

That's the reason why I have written and collected different articles in Finnish, and try to teach people to understand the great features of these species, take care properly of them and told about feeding, activities, color heritance, breedind etc. I also belong to biggest Parrot Club in Finland, called Kaijuli ry. We don't have any Agapornis club, because the bird hobby is still so strange here at the larger scale. The association serves updated information on keeping birds as well-being of pets and brings owners together. I have had a active member for years by helping in club's rescue ring as beeing temporary home for some parrots and taking care of homeless lovebirds. And present lovebirds in the fairs or different events. I'm also a standardized breeder of the club. In 2013 I was chosen to club's board too.

I had a few finches as a child and after many years I started to dream about parrots. My friend told me about the lovebirds and she had a couple of Fischer's lovebirds. I thought they would be nice way to start with parrots and bought my first birds from her. Soon I bought 2 more fischers', then I bought my first peachies and then my first maskeds. Soon I realized I hadn't space enough to my birds in the living room (I hated to keep them in small cages), so we made them an own room with aviaries and start to breed them. When babies were hatching, they were so cute I couldn't sell them but keeping them at home. Also at this point I started to study color heritance.  I really want to thanks Wessel van der Veen who helped and inspired me a lot at the beginning and sent me wonderful CD's from BVA shows. It was unseen here in Finland even still we don't have shows like that. At that point I also found a wonderful webpages of Dirk van den Abeele, had to bought his books and study more about these little heartbreakers.

I have 30-40 lovebids, which is +10 per species. It gives more variety to my breeding program. I would love to have more, but cannot give them then good care or proper space. The climate here in Finland imposes restrictions on the keeping of birds, because our summer is so short and the winter is so long, dark and cold, so the most of the year we have to keep our birds inside. All my birds lives in aviaries in their own room. During the short summer they move to out in big aviary. Non of my parrots are clipped and I do not handfeed my babies, I believe in positive ways to tame birds.

Our Lovebird Room

Part of our outdoor aviary